Many hands make light work!
There have been so many who have stepped in to help create the vision that is The Feast of St. Nicholas in Queen Elizabeth's Court. The primary contributors have been the Event Steward, Deputy Event Steward, and Feast Steward.


Event Steward

Olivia has been involved in the SCA since 2007. She is currently the Exchequer of Concordia, among other things. Olivia has a deep love for all things Elizabethan (okay, not all, but most), and has a knack for making things more beautiful. She dreamed up the idea of this event 3 years ago and is so excited to see the grand event come to fruition.


Deputy Event Steward

Master Valentine has been described as a occasional fencer, a drinker, a singer of bawdy songs, a gambler, and perhaps worst of all, an actor. His similarity to a far better known Irish woman in the SCA is surely just a coincidence. He's spent the last several years in London, following years of extensive travel. While he's generally more likely to be seen in a tavern than in Elizabeth's Court, Valentine looks forward to the immersive experience of such a grand day.


Feast Steward

Joel has been involved in the SCA since 2005. Since then he has spent much of his time in the many varied kitchens of the events of Concordia and surrounding environs, including Co-Feast Steward of The Coronation of Edward II and Thyra. He's looking forward to some of the exotic dishes and ingredients we don't often get to use, but that will be within reach for this.