The Feast

The Feast of Saint Nicholas in Queen Elizabeth's Court is, first and foremost, a feast. Creating a multiple-remove feast is indeed a challenge. Though, to add to this challenge, we have asked Lord Joel to create 2 additional feasts. Though, we didn't stop there. All of these feasts must contain documentable recipes. Lord Joel has been enthusiastic, to say the least, about the research aspect of this feast. 

Below you will find a list of sources for each of the dishes served throughout the day. Please note this list may not be complete until after the event, as there are often last-minute changes that must be made. 

  • Salat Course
  • Soup Course
  • Meat Course
    • Veneson:
      • From "A Proper Newe Booke of Cokerye" 1557-58, Ahmed, Anne Ed., 2002, pp 42 and 44
        • To Bake Veneson Take nothynge but pepper and salte, but lette it haue ynoughe, and yf the veneson be leane, larde it throughe wyth bacon.
        • To Rooste Veneson Roosted veneson muste haue vyneger, esuger, cinomome, and butter buylden upon a chafingdyshe with cooles, but the sauce maye not bee to tarte, and then laye the veneson upon the sauce.
      • The great thing about such a simple recipe is that it really allows me to feature the principle ingredient. Since we have a local farm raising European Red Deer, this means we can procure meat that is inspected and safe, and exactly what the author and original owner of this book would have had available themselves. As a bonus, I don't have to cook it to shoe leather just to not worry about it. The next recipe in the text, also wonderfully simple as written, provides a beautiful compliment to the venison, providing one does not get caught up in one ingredient versus any other, and rather looks for an appropriate balance.
  • Dessert Course